[Libtorrent-devel] Feature request: user-agent switching

Charles Clark cmc at stegosaur.us
Tue Aug 29 20:11:26 UTC 2006

| From:     Tracker <tracker at boffinms.com>

| Other exportable BitTorrent implementations allow you to change the 
| client string.  Take the other libTorrent for example: 
| http://www.rasterbar.com/products/libtorrent/manual.html#id1
| It's a necessity almost, otherwise every client that utilizes the 
| library is going to be using the library's fingerprint.  It's also good 
| programming practice, to have a sensible default that a client can 
| easily override if they want to.

I agree, the library should let the client code change the
string. Unless rtorrent is the one and only client that will
ever use this library. To be clear, I was arguing only against
allowing the user to change it when running rtorrent, ie via the
.rtorrent.rc file or a command line option.

Charles Clark | cmc at stegosaur.us

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