[Libtorrent-devel] Memory errors with 0.10.3/0.6.3

Al vanilla.source at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 00:36:19 UTC 2006

Running libTorrent 0.10.3/rTorrent 0.6.3, rtorrent dies within an hour
with the following error on all torrents:

Storage error: [File chunk read error: Cannot allocate memory]

This is on 2 different computers, one with SuSE 10.1, and the other
using Gentoo, in both cases I was uploading five torrents.

Reverting to 0.10.2/0.6.2 on the SuSE machine, and 0.10.1/0.6.1 on
the Gentoo machine, all is normal.

Seems like this is the same error I was getting with Gentoo during my
brief encounter with version 0.10.2/0.6.2. (which works fine with SuSE!)

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