[Libtorrent-devel] rtorrent keeps re-downloading certain chunks forever

Chris TenHarmsel epchris at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 15:03:16 UTC 2006

I thought I should just followup and say that it turned out that some
of my memory was bad and removing it seemed to have fixed this
problem.  Sorry for all the confusion.


On 9/15/06, Jari Sundell <jaris at student.matnat.uio.no> wrote:
> Chris TenHarmsel wrote:
> > I have the new versions installed (not SVN, the released ones).  It's
> > to the point where the file finishes and then rtorrent performs the
> > hash check and I get this line for each file:
> >
> > Inactive: Hash check on download completion found bad chunks, consider
> > using "safe_sync".
> >
> > Any ideas what I can do?
> Well, I got these two in the wiki:
> ReiserFS and 4GB files ¶
> Downloading files larger than 4GB on ReiserFS (v3) may cause data beyond
> offset 232 bytes to be written to the start of the file. This will cause
> the client to enter a cycle of downloading the remaining data then
> checking the hash.
> Lost data when writing to NFS on Linux <2.6.13 ¶
> Apparently due to a bug in the NFS client and/or kernel itself for 2.6
> kernels before 2.6.13, data is lost when writing to an NFS share using
> mmap() and msync() with MS_ASYNC. While rtorrent will think the data has
> been written correctly, the data is never written to the NFS server due
> to this kernel bug, and hash checks will fail and rtorrent will upload
> bad data as soon as it disappears from the file cache.
> If neither are applicable, what kernel, filesystem, etc are you using.
> Rakshasa

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