[Libtorrent-devel] recovering files

RB Boehm rbboehm at artsmail.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Apr 21 16:21:40 UTC 2008

I hope that this is a simple question.

Am running rtorrent 0.7.9 on Ubuntu 7.07. Have been for about a year
after switching from azurus.

I accidentally deleted some files that I downloaded. As I was (and
still am) seeding the files they still exist intact and their locations
are known by rtorrent, at least until I close the torrent. Is it possible 
to get the files back?

Have considered a couple of solutions:

1) stop the torrent with ctrl-d and use ctrl-O to change the directory.
    Am concerned that if the torrent is stopped that the files will be lost.

2) find out where rtorrent stores the information on file names, etc and
    use the information to copy the files while rtorrent continues to seed them.

I expect that the question has been asked before but am uncertain as to
how to find the relevent thread(s) in the archives. I hope that the solution
is available and simple.

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