[Libtorrent-devel] recovering files

RB Boehm rbboehm at artsmail.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Apr 25 21:57:16 UTC 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Josef Drexler wrote:

> I think the easiest, and probably fastest solution would be to start another 
> copy of rtorrent on your local system and download the file from your main 
> rtorrent. Set the main rtorrent to ignore ratios first (shift-I), to prevent 
> it from closing the download when reaching the ratio. Then just download the 
> file from yourself; turn off the bandwidth limit to make this work at the 
> full LAN speed.
> That should work, I think.


I gave that a try, but am not advanced enough to make it work though. I first 
tried rtorrent torrent. It began a download but did not see my files from
the already downloaded torrent being transferred over.

I tried rtorrent -b torrent

then tried rtorrent -b -i torrent

neither connected to my files.

If what I am doing wrong is something obvious let me know I will try it. Have manually 
copied the files after using lsof to find the inodes, so am asking mostly
from curiousity whether I missed something when trying your suggestion.


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