[Libtorrent-devel] LibTorrent 0.12.3 and rTorrent 0.7.3 released

Jari Sundell jaris at student.matnat.uio.no
Mon Sep 15 09:17:29 UTC 2008

* Fixed EINTR handling in execute command. Patch by anonymous.

* Fixed a couple of memory leaks in xmlrpc.cc. Reported by Novik.

* Initial seeding support added. Patch by Josef Drexler.

* Added a work-around for the stdin kqueue bug in MacOSX. Original
patch by Josef Drexler.

* Numerous bug-fixes and patches by Josef Drexler.


This project isn't dead yet, it's just resting.

As I've been working on getting into studies in Japan, little time has 
been left for coding on rTorrent. Thus this release contains mostly 
patches from others, mainly by Josef Drexler.

However, I am in a bit of trouble getting enough cash to pay the rent 
after arriving here in Japan, so if you like rtorrent and want to 
support its author, please consider donating a few bucks:


Jari Sundell

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