[Libtorrent-devel] LibTorrent 0.12.7 and rTorrent 0.8.7 released

Jari Sundell sundell.software at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 13:23:56 UTC 2010

* Added multithreading support for XMLRPC calls. Sponsored by Xirvik.

* Discard dht cache if it is corrupt, instead of killing rtorrent.

* Better handling of resume after crash/reboot alliviating the need to
full hash checks. Sponsored by anonymous source.

* Added support for Linux's fallocate and Darwin's
fcntl(...,F_PREALLOCATE,...) to preallocate files by default. The
'system.file_allocate' setting will now only be used to indicate you
want posix_fallocate called, which may block while it zeros out the
file manually.

* Added 'event.download.hash_failed' and 'event.download.hash_final_failed'.

* Cleaning up command names. The deprecated commands will be redirected.

* Renamed 'system.method.*' to 'method.*'.

* Added 'system.files.{opened,closed,failed}_counter' commands.

* Added xmlrpc calls for peer snubbed, banned and disconnect.

* Added '-D' flag which turns of redirects for deprecated commands.
Use this to ensure your scripts/webui's will be compatible with future

* Added separate '-I' and '-K' switches for command redirects, the
former is for testing rtorrent code, the latter for webui's.

* Added a static_map implementation based on Josef's patches.

* Commited the DHT changes from dht-pex-static_map.diff with changes
so it works with the modified static_map implementation.

* Applied the magnet-uri patch.

* Don't install the out-of-date man page.


Jari Sundell

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